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Sootheen CBD Aloe Gel

Sootheen CBD Aloe Gel

Oceanside Alternative Medicine & CBD
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Our Sootheen™ Hemp Aloe Green Gel has had many names (Cannabis Sativa Gel, Green Gel, Soothing Gel, Sootheen™ Gel) but always the same cooling formula. This is 100% natural and mostly plant based is formulated by combining essential oils and aloe vera in a slow, labor-intensive process which creates an invigorating, icy, aromatic gel application for skin irritations. There is no added fragrance but this essential oil blend has a remarkable fresh scent.

For maximum cooling saturate skin with Sootheen™ Hemp Aloe Green Gel with enough product to cover the affected area. With clean hands, massage into skin. For deeper issues and best results apply Sootheen™ Hemp Aloe Gel BEFORE indiCREME™ CBD. To do this, apply Gel let it dry (about 2 minutes) then apply indiCREME™; this is not necessary but it is superior to using either products alone and this dual-action is used by many massage therapists as a special treatment. Sootheen™ Hemp Aloe Gel can be used liberally throughout the day to cool, hydrate, and refresh.

Proprietary Botanical Blend 97: Aloe Vera Juice, Purified Water, Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Seed Oil, Orange Oil, Emu Oil, Arnica Montana Oil, White Willow Bark, Tea Tree Oil, Wintergreen Oil, Ginseng, Menthol, Ginger Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Rosemary Oil, Xanthan, Magnesium Oil