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Medical Cannabis vs. Recreational Marijuana in California

Cannbis Patient vs. Recreational User

Recreational users will be asked for a Driver’s License or ID card to get into the recreational dispensary – Cannabis patients will use their cannabis prescription a.k.a. marijuana recommendation, may use either a medical dispensary or a recreational dispensary (recreational do NOT carry anything considered “medicinal” or any CBD products.

EVERYTHING you buy recreationally is then listed next to your DL or ID#, Your Name and Your Address – Medical Patients are protected under Federal law known as HIPPA so everything is kept 100% private

If you are pulled over for ANY reason,  or get stuck in a DUI checkpoint, the info collected from a recreational place will show up and gives the officer probable cause to search your vehicle – With a Medical Cannabis prescription, you go home by showing your cannabis prescription to the Police officer.

If an employer or anyone else does a background check, they have access to that information that the recreational shop collected as well.  It is still perfectly legal for an employer to deny you a job or terminate your job with this knowledge.

Starting in April 2019 a copy of all purchases with customer name, address and driver’s license or ID card number will be sent to the IRS for tax purposes. 

Recreational Dispensaries must charge the excise tax of 46% - Medical Patients pay Sales tax only

If using cannabis outdoors ANYWHERE a recreational user is subject to a $250 fine the first time, $500 and 30 days in jail the second time and up to 6 months in prison if you are caught a 3rd time.